Saturday, January 8, 2011

Are You Selling To A Starving Crowd!??


Are you selling to a starving crowd?  I've got a great story for you that I have stolen from a close friend of mine.  Anyone who knows me clearly understands that one of my biggest MO's is to play where the action is... You know, stop making cold calls and just spend your time relationship building only WHERE you know there are temp or perm jobs? It isn't cheating, because you will still do all of the relationship building stuff, but you will have such a better chance of speaking to someone who CARES if they have a REAL reason to want to listen.  So, anyway, my good friend Brian Kay is a very successful trainer and coach for the insurance industry.  Like many good trainers, he has unleashed the secret to success, which is as simple as going where the hungry crowd is.. Here is a story that he shares with his followers:

Two brothers had a bet on who could make the most money from their

hamburger stand. The younger brother, George, told Ned that he could

have any advantage he wanted for his own hamburger stand.

Ned thought for a minute and said, "All right - I want the best

hamburgers in town."

"Fine," George said, "Your hamburgers will be better than mine.

Now what other advantage would you like?"

"I want the cleanest, nicest-looking restaurant in the entire


"Fine," George said, "Your restaurant will be the best around.

What other advantage would you like?"

"I want the friendliest, best waitresses."

"No problem. What other advantage do you want?"

"I want the best location for my hamburger stand."

"You got it - the best location is yours."

By this time Ned was feeling a bit smug about winning the bet.

After all, George had given him every advantage he wanted, so

there was no way he could lose.

So when George said, "I would like to have one thing for my

hamburger stand, though..."

Ned gladly obliged: "Anything you want brother, you got it."

George couldn't help but smile: "The only thing I want for my

hamburger stand is a starving crowd inside it!"

And then he went on to win the bet by a landslide.

So, the point is, of course, that the more we focus our time and energy on selling to a starving crowd, the better we do! In our line of work in recruitment, the best way to find a starving crowd is to ask our people who is eating.. and even better, who is REALLY HUNGRY! .. and by that I mean leads. Leads from our clients, from our temps, from our perm interviews. They know who is hungry and who is buying.  Why on earth do people spend so much time cold calling to crowds that have zero appetite and in fact are as full as can be.. We must get out there and find out where the business is and pursue that.

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