Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Time To Stump Your Candidates with Trick Questions- But Here'sWHY!!!....

InterviewTo stump or not to stump.... Should you throw "curve-balls" at your candidates during the interview process?  Frankly, it is critical for a recruiter or staffing specialist to wear two hats when asking these types of questions.  The first hat, of course, is to assess the candidate. The 2nd hat, though, is of salesperson.  NEVER forget that how they answer these questions for you will also likely be how they answer them for your clients (when you create a sendout with them). Therefore, I always make sure to ask the SAME question perhaps 4 or 5 ways. Ironically, I often either get very different answers each time OR I get new information each time. Since we try to glean their selling points in an interview, it is key that you have methods to pull out ALL of them.

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Dreaded Cover letter---- Or Worse- The Resume "Objective"- MAKE ITSTOP!

resumeSo, are cover letters and "objectives" on resumes helpful or hurtful?  Most hiring managers, statistically, will bypass the cover letter! DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE this as the implications are far worse.. The stats really show that they don't read it, but that they scan it. They also will thus spend more time reading the cover letter and, of course, the big "objective" opener of the resume. Both the cover letter and the "objective" are a bit of a myth. None ever aid you in getting a job and both can actually CAUSE you from getting the job.