Sunday, December 12, 2010

RSS Feeds for Recruiters


What are they and why you need to set them up on your PC now! RSS feeds have been called the DVR of the web. In other words, you get to watch what you want to watch and when you want to watch all in one place, without surfing the channels.

Rss feeds are basically a way of bringing all of the great content on the web to you. So, instead of your having to bookmark, or even remembering to look at your bookmarks, all data and info comes right to you! To be an expert, you need to be on top of your client and candidate trends..

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sourcing via Visualization

So. I can't tell you how thrilled I am that I am now getting more and more questions about the candidate side of the biz!  If you want to get right to the great tip about sourcing then just go right down to the bottom of the post.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Really Selling The "Exclusive"

exclusiveOk. Any recruiter worth their salt (never really knew what that means) knows that if you sell an exclusive, that you dramatically increase your chances of placing or filling that order! Well, that's all great, but the real question is how to sell it and how to use it right! Most of the time when I hear a recruiter sell it, it is all self serving... In other words, the benefits to doing it are for the recruiter and not really for the client.  If you can get an exclusive it's also good to sometimes consider discounting the fee, or conversely, if you have to discount a fee, it's often worth exchanging that negotiation "give in" for an exclusive...... So, how do you do it...

Friday, September 3, 2010

Get Your VoiceMail Messages Returned!


My Email has been buzzing with issues that keep you up at night. Not surprisingly, finding new business is the number one request. Surprisingly, though, is that a close number 2 is how to get your prospects to return your phone calls!  Your training covers some of the new business stuff, but here's a sure fire tip to massively increase your call backs. It is quite simple.....

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sales people may be spending too much time on-line? Are you hiding from something??

businessman hiding behind deskThe biggest challenge facing recruiters and sales people today is not the recession..It is all of the on-line job boards and tools!  The problem  is that each of  our clients also has access to these job boards. So many recruiters only attack these "portals" one level deep (ie the same level as their clients would). Nobody needs a recruiter to simply mine that low hanging fruit.  Even worse, many are spending too much time here, because it makes them feel good and feel productive. .and it's all mostly a big lie.....

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How to discount when you HAVE to discount!

percent symbolOk.  Let me make this perfectly clear.  I am NOT a fan of discounting your fees or markups ever, in the hopes that it will bring in more business.  In fact, many of you have already seen this video on why not to do that.  If you haven't, then check it out...CLICK ON ME! That said, it isn't reasonable to assume that prices wont drop during a recession (or anytime when supply exceeds demand) or that there aren't times when it simply does make sense to lower a feee.  I often hear from people who are concerned about the long term impact of lowering their fees with their existing clients... For example, "Neil. I have always done business with this one client at 30%.. Now, they are doing poorly and the president really wont approve any deal that goes above 20%.  They are hurting and truthfully, I am also.  BUT, if i lower my fee now to 20%, do you think that I will then always be stuck at 20% and will have a hard time getting it back up to 30%?". Well, I have a great easy TRICK FOR YOU!

Friday, July 16, 2010

"What is your greatest weakness"- What you should be telling your candidates!

ScaleWhat is the "greatest" response that I have ever heard when it comes to the old favorite "what is your greatest weakness?".   By "greatest", one can take it as great for the candidate or great for the interviewer.  I'll start with the greatest for me, as a hiring manager.  Silence  is a classic. Cracks me up every time.  The other one that I loved was how someone just spewed on and on, as if I were their therapist, about how many mistakes they make and how they never seem to be accepted by their new teams. The emotions went from, of course, feeling relieved that I can immediately end that interview to feeling downright bad for this person (at many many levels)..  But now, let's get into what they really SHOULD be saying, and once, again, it boils down to following the simple golden rules of sales.....