Thursday, January 20, 2011

LinkedIn Maximization tips for recruiters and staffing recruiting managers

So, What's your LinkedIn strategy?  It amazes me, yet again, how many recruiters out there aren't either using LinkedIn or, even worse, use it a lot, but haven't really thought about the right strategy to really maximize their returns.  However, I wanted to share with you some great tips that you should adopt immediately!

  • Remember, that LinkedIn is all about the network. The more connections for recruiters, the better! The ROCK BOTTOM bare minimum, that you should have as a SHORT TERM goal is 500! The real goal should be 2500+.  Yes, you NEED this many and you need them soon!   Just like there is a great synergy once an office reaches, say 30 temps, or you have several job orders in your office consistently, so too works LinkedIn!  Trust me.. If you don't have upwards of 3000 connections then you are just not getting the results for every post or article, etc that you submit
  • You get a ton of traffic on LinkedIn and you simply need a way to capture these leads! Yes, every profile, post, heading, footer, etc, should drive readers to an opt in page where you can add them to a strategic internet marketing campaign.There are over 60 million people on LinkedIn and you want to capture every single person who you come across or vice versa
  • LinkedIn, being all about connections, requires a strategy, to, well, connect. Remember this... YOUR GOAL IS TO GET THE CONNECTION!  It is not to sell them your service (yet) nor is it to recruit them (YET).. It is ONLY to get them to say yes to your connection request!  Once they connect, you can then sell to them or recruit them! BUT DON'T make the common mistake that MOST make, where you send them an email either selling/recruiting or asking them to connect so that you can sell to them!  SIMPLY ASK for the connection and give them a compelling reason why connecting with you is a GREAT idea! Show how your network will help them; how you will forward any requests; how you are very connected in their space (or will be soon), etc.   Set up a form letter that you cut and paste for each invitation that you send. Then, take a second and tailor a bit of the message, mentioning something in their profile!
  • You can add connections without sending an invitation! As you may or may not know, if 3 or more people click "I don't know Neil", then LinkedIn will block your account! So, you need to be careful and make the connection request very very compelling (as noted above).. However, since you can message almost ANYONE in ANY group that you share with them (very few people turn off the feature not allowing other group members to message them), you can simply create a similar form letter and cut and paste that and send this to ALL of them.. Hundreds.. thousands... you name it!  In this case, you will ask them to send you an invitation.  There is no risk here since they can't click "I don't know Neil".. A decent percentage will indeed send you an invitation. It's that easy.. Just make your message compelling and don't sell to them yet!!!  You can outsource this to India or have an administrative person do this for you weekly .. Or do it yourself, as it will pay huge dividends.  This alone, will get you to your 500 short-term goal literally overnight (ok. maybe 3 nights).. and to your 2500 goal fast!!!!!    Message directly from the groups, or even better, do an advanced search and only select your groups!  Then Email all that you can. Cut and Paste/Send!
  • Join all 50 groups and do it now!!!!!  Make sure that you join all 50 and join them now! Make sure that you join groups that hit all of the key blocks for your business (ie clients, candidates, peers and industry experts). Join the groups with the MOST members, as the biggest benefit is going to be your ability to message ANY of them immediately and get them to connect with you (and even if they don't, you can always find them in your searches and message them then!)
  • Search for great LinkedIn prospects OUTSIDE of LinkedIn. That's right.. Why limit your search results to those who you have only connected with or are in your groups!  If you use basic google boolean search parameters, you can search LinkedIn only and find any candidate that you want!
  • Finally. Remember, that LinkedIn is all about the network and then it's about you and your phone skills! That's right. the phone!! Don't waste your time on many inmails or introductions. They make little sense? With the internet, once you have a name and a company, you can get their phone number and call them!!!  SOOOO much better than an intro that may or may not go through.  You also can then ask them to connect and give them the same compelling reason (no selling or recruiting YET).  Sure, still use the person to refer you , but mention that in your call.... or DO BOTH (the online intro and the call)... LinkedIn will find you the person you need to call and all you have to do is call (yes, winter, spring, summer or fall)
  • These tips will prove invaluable!! I also urge you to really maximize your LinkedIn Experience. It's almost 3 1/2 hours of great tips and tricks to make you real money and now!

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