Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pain Avoidance-One of the Most powerful tools of persuasion you must use!


Simply put and clinically proven.....People buy for emotional reasons… but they justify it with logic

Yes. People are persuaded by EMOTIONAL reasons and then they will try to back up their decision and prove it was logical.  Yes, they really bought that rolex for prestige and not because it's so well made (even though it is well made)

Therefore, you need to always be selling/ persuading using emotions!  Sure, you need to continue to throw out the usual pros/selling points/logic.. They'll need that for sure!!!!  HOWEVER, it won't really persuade them.. It will just provide the very necessary "justification".

The Media world learned this decades ago, which is why just about every commercial is emotion based and not fact based! Heck, how often do you even ask "Now what were they advertising again??".  Why do you think there are so many celebrity "pitch people"?  Do you think you buy because a favorite celeb of yours did a commercial?? YOU BETCHA! No. you also justify your logical reasons, but trust me, Nike wouldn't pay millions to these people if they weren't CERTAIN that the positive emotion that the celebrity conveys would be passed on your decision to buy!!

So, remember, your message should be crafted the same way.  You know the drill.  You need to find the hot buttons for your candidates and clients ..

You need to FIND THAT PAIN!

Why do they want to leave their job? why do they need to hire a star? What is at risk? Etc etc. All easy questions, but you need to put these to work!

For every person, their hot buttons or WANTS can be stripped down to an emotional level.  For example, if someone WANTS a fast paced environment for their next job, this can be stripped down, perhaps,  to the fact that they are actually currently very bored at their current job. They want this new environment so thjat they can be excited!

The emotions here are thus BOREDOM and EXCITEMENT.
Notice that we stripped the emotion into a both a positive emotion and a negative/opposite emotion.

One tries to achieve/gain/get EXCITEMENT but one also tries to avoid/eradicate, etc BOREDOM!

You can and should do this with every hot button ALL OF THE TIME!  Even if you are one of the good ones and constantly use emotions, are you using positive emotions or negative?  Do you CONSCIOUSLY think about both the POSITIVE and NEGATIVE sides or do you always sell one side? odds are that you are more positively focused.... For example, you sell a job to a candidate about how exciting and fast paced and challenging this new job will be.....

Just as emotions are so key, so are NEGATIVE emotions! They should outweigh the positive emotions.. At a minimum, sprinkle these in there all of the time!
Negative emotions work better than positive because of the fact that people will work harder or be more persuaded to avoid pain then they will to seek pleasure!

Pain Avoidance!

The truth is that people are far more motivated to avoid pain or to avoid something bad from happening then they are to seek something pleasant.  —We covered several examples of this this in Hypnotic Selling and now you see why you must also do this with the EMOTIONS that you are using.—  It's also why people are very motivated to avoid being left out of something good. It's why you always see "Limited Supplies" or "only 100 plates will be made".

How can you apply this to your business?

Don't talk about the fun challenge the candidate will have. Turn into YOU WONT BE BORED ANYMORE.
Tell stories about how miserable you were in a job when you just weren’t excited anymore
Don't focus on how much faster their commute will be.
Tell them —“You must be so excited to not have to commute for an hour anymore? That must stink sitting in that traffic".

Scarcity - Let the candidate know you will only present a few people and they have until tomorrow to let you know, otherwise they are out since the job is highly in demand.

—Let the client know that you are presenting the candidate to them first, but that they are highly in demand and that their shelf life is limited  They must act quickly.

—Create scarcity in your pricing approach by offering limited time discounts or limited interview guides to the first X candidates who reply to a web promotion

During interview —During match call —Curing prep/brief —During debrief —During sales calls —Always! —


  1. Since most people tend to operate in a state of putting out fires and prioritize things by "what will cause me the most trouble if I don't do it", this approach to selling to them makes perfect sense. Get their attention with what problem they can avoid, and let them do the rest of the "logical" selling for you. Great tip!

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