Thursday, January 20, 2011

LinkedIn Maximization tips for recruiters and staffing recruiting managers

So, What's your LinkedIn strategy?  It amazes me, yet again, how many recruiters out there aren't either using LinkedIn or, even worse, use it a lot, but haven't really thought about the right strategy to really maximize their returns.  However, I wanted to share with you some great tips that you should adopt immediately!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Are You Selling To A Starving Crowd!??


Are you selling to a starving crowd?  I've got a great story for you that I have stolen from a close friend of mine.  Anyone who knows me clearly understands that one of my biggest MO's is to play where the action is... You know, stop making cold calls and just spend your time relationship building only WHERE you know there are temp or perm jobs? It isn't cheating, because you will still do all of the relationship building stuff, but you will have such a better chance of speaking to someone who CARES if they have a REAL reason to want to listen.  So, anyway, my good friend Brian Kay is a very successful trainer and coach for the insurance industry.  Like many good trainers, he has unleashed the secret to success, which is as simple as going where the hungry crowd is.. Here is a story that he shares with his followers:

Monday, January 3, 2011

Make sure you are using the most powerful Persuasion techniques on the planet!

Well, first off, I sure hope that you join me at the upcoming FordyceForum 2010! . Even though it's in Las Vegas, why gamble with your sales success!! (gee, I bet you never heard of a gambling analogy for a conference held in vegas. Don't worry, yes, I have just annoyed myself as well).

Anyway, I will be hosting a great session on Thursday, June 10th from 2-3pm where we will discuss, quite frankly, the most powerful persuasion techniques that exist! These have been proven across all sectors, countries and businesses and are key for you to implement in your business! I'll summarize the key elements that we'll discuss here so that you can get started on them right now. However, in our live session, not only will we go through each of these in much more detail, but we'll discuss some other KEY ones and will also give you great examples of how you can and should implement these for YOUR business!