Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Brick and Mortar Agencies Are Dying


Let's face it, in the past, you simply HAD to work for someone else if you wanted to be in the staffing and recruiting game! National phone service, expensive front office systems, payrolling, real estate, training, tools and more were just too cost prohibitive!

Many of you think that because you are on LinkedIn or using twitter and a front office system that you are taking advantage of technology. Well, YOU'RE NOT!!

The real way to take advantage of today's technology is to do it on your own!

No longer should you be afraid, because partnering with ARG gives you the best of all worlds!  We not only solve your work life balance issue, but we provide you with the best tools and infrastructure to make your dream a reality!

With the change in technology, you can VOIP globally for only pennies. You can bring your laptop and should have the flexibility to work anywhere at anytime that YOU DICTATE.  Your cell phone's travel with you and with our VOIP solution, you will have a better phone system that even the giant's have!

This shouldn't just be a retirement fantasy; it should be your reality now! Recruiting is one of the few jobs that lend itself to remote work, yet you remain chained to your employer? Why?!  Wouldn't it be great to fill a temp job or solicit a new perm order while on the beaches of the Caribbean?

Front office systems are now available to the masses, big or small with only an Internet connection needed!  No more huge setup costs!  In Fact, ARG pays for your tools with the equivalent of zero financing, meaning that you ONLY PAY us when you make your deals. It's truly a zero risk move for you!

Get trained both online and in person for free by the likes of Barb Bruno and Tim Kelch.  All ARG Agents enjoy Barb's "Top Producer Tutor" and our LIVE teleconference calls and webinars every month.

The tools are just too many to mention.  Some of the top ones include:

Access to Monster, Zoominfo, Sendouts, monthly training by top industry staffing experts, back office support (legal, contract administration and payroll and many more resources all provided by ARG.)

Check out all of the great tools that ARG provides here!

ARG's philosophy is to make your desk revolve around your life NOT your life revolve around your desk. When your desk/work revolves around your life, you enjoy life more and you enjoy recruiting more!

Key Benefits:
  • Become your own boss today
  • 100% control of your desk
  • Network with like-minded IndependentRecruiters
  • Split & collaboration network
  •  Enjoy the freedom of work/life balance
  • ARG has over 50 recruiters nationwide that specialize in a variety of fields and positions. 
  • No Non-Competes to sign EVER
  • NO risk, cancel anytime

    Check out our video to learn more!!

    Staffing & Recruiting is one of the few industries that lends itself to working from ANYWHERE that you want and enables you to live the dream!! So, why aren't you?!!

    Stop throwing your hard earned billings and revenue out the window!

    Why pay 50-70% of your hard earned perm commissions back to your employer?!

    If you do contractor placements, why are you giving away up to 90% of your GM?

    If you are already on your own, why are you still spending so much of your time (and sooo much money) on your necessary tools and infrastructure, when ARG can give you a lot more for less!!?

    You should be spending your time selling and spending your time spending your money. We do the rest!

    We have your independent solution for you RIGHT NOW! You simply owe it to yourself to carve out some time and learn more about this right away! We have been doing this for over 11 years!!

    The Independent Agent model has been successful now for decades by the likes of Prudential, Re/Max, State Farm and more!  It sounds too good to be true, but it really is true!

    Click here Learn more about why you should partner with ARG TODAY

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